'The Great Marconigram' (ABC Radio National - 2001)

In these compiled excerpts we'll hear Tony's contributions to the 2-hour feature 'The Great Marconigram', which was produced in 2001 as part of ABC Radio's celebrations of 100 years since Guglielmo Marconi's first successful radio transmission across the Atlantic.

Presenter: Tony Baldwin
Producers: Robyn Ravlich, Russell Stapleton & Tony Barrell
First Broadcast: 12th December, 2001
Duration: 40:10 (exceprts from original 2hrs)
Network: ABC Radio National
Webpage: http://www.abc.net.au/rn/events/radio100/marconi.htm

'Tokyo's Burning' (ABC Radio National - Radio Eye - 1995)

Tokyo's Burning was made to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the mass firebombing of Tokyo in March 1945 in which 100000 people died and several million were 'de-housed'.The feature includes eyewitness accounts from Japanese on the ground, and the French war correspondent Robert Guillain and a B 29 bomber pilot who describes in vivid detail the firestorm created by napalm. May 24 is the anniversary of the second big attack on Tokyo. The feature explores the history of the bombardment of civilian populations since the beginning of aerial warfare and also challenges the conventional wisdom that the atomic bombs were 'necessary' to end the war.

Tokyo's Burning won a Prix Italia for radio documentary.

Producers: Tony Barrell
Sound Engineer: Russell Stapleton
First Broadcast: 1995
Duration: 51:22
Network: ABC Radio National

Download the Audio File of this Radio Program Here.

'No Flares On Me' (Triple J - 1987)

In this 3 part series called 'No Flares On Me' we'll hear Tony tell the story of the seventies heyday of British punk. This noisy and inspired radio period piece recalls the time when punk was at its maximum velocity.
By the mid to late seventies, pop music had more or less exhausted itself, bloated on a diet of artrock, glitter and general excess. People were waiting for the Next Big Thing and it came in the form of promoter Malcolm McLaren and four lads calling themselves The Sex Pistols.

We hear the voices of John Lydon, Malcolm McLaren, Siouxsie Sioux, Joe Strummer, Jamie Reid, Simon Frith, John Savage and Norman Tebbit.

Producers: Chris Norris, Graeme Bartlett and Tony Barrell
First Broadcast: 1987
Duration: 57:49, 31:35, 1:05:13
Network: Triple J

Download Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 of this Radio Program.

'The Decade That Turned Into A Radio Program' (ABC Radio 2JJ - 1979)

An hour-long feature made by the views, opinions and attitudes of two groups of year 10 students. They argue the toss about: what's going to happen to Australia and the world in general - immigration, computers, the Dismissal, disco and punk and terrorism. They all get an airing - as does the music of the day, in a free-flowing gambol through the Seventies. Also, from the late 1980s the corny old 'adventures in the world of sound' into another dimension by the team that produced a series of audio extravaganzas under the generic title The Works.
Producers: Tony Barrell & Patrick Gibson
First Broadcast: December 1979
Duration: 1:08:05
Network: ABC Radio 2JJ

Download the Audio File of this Radio Program Here.