'The Decade That Turned Into A Radio Program' (ABC Radio 2JJ - 1979)

An hour-long feature made by the views, opinions and attitudes of two groups of year 10 students. They argue the toss about: what's going to happen to Australia and the world in general - immigration, computers, the Dismissal, disco and punk and terrorism. They all get an airing - as does the music of the day, in a free-flowing gambol through the Seventies. Also, from the late 1980s the corny old 'adventures in the world of sound' into another dimension by the team that produced a series of audio extravaganzas under the generic title The Works.
Producers: Tony Barrell & Patrick Gibson
First Broadcast: December 1979
Duration: 1:08:05
Network: ABC Radio 2JJ

Download the Audio File of this Radio Program Here.